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Before his career as a cybernetic superhero, Victor Stone was a gifted football athlete. By far the best player on his high school team, he had a nonstop drive and was always striving for better.

Unfortunately, after getting involved in street gangs, Victor took a turn down the wrong road.[2] As seen in the episode "Flashback", Victor desired a more fulfilling life, a life of heroism. Although he lacked any superpowers, his strenuous diligence finally landed him an audition for the Teen Titans, a new team of heroes in Jump City. Victor's initial attempt to join failed miserably, and during the tryouts, he was gravely injured in a combat exercise. However, after a quick trip to the hospital,

Victor was rebuilt with a high-tech robotic exoskeleton. Although parts of his humanity were lost, Victor, now known as Cyborg, gained unbelievable upgrades and powers. Eventually, he and a bunch of other misfits led by Robin were able to overcome their deficiencies and become members of the Titans. Since then, Cyborg has been a somewhat lazy yet still invaluable component of the team. He's often one of the big guns when saving the city, as well as some big fun, too.

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