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Tahira Qazi

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Tahira Qazi
  • Hero of APS

The terrorist menace is budding like a disease and causing dangerous effects throughout the world. No continent, no nation is secured from the threat. Terrorists are the enemy of humanity, it does not matter what are their intentions but the innocent civilians suffer the ultimate consequence of their vicious acts.In the past few years, extremism has been overpowering and creating many devastating problems in our country. It is greatly affecting the economy of our motherland and disturbing the lives of the citizens. Especially youth are the most susceptible to the extremism because they are the future of the world and they have to face the aftermath of this situation in terms of financial crisis and peace.

Recently the killing of school children in Peshawar at Army Public School has shaken the whole world, for this time it seems that terrorism has developed up to such extent that innocence, love, affection, childhood, a child's howls and pleadings are nothing known to it. It crossed all limits this time and it is still an indication to the world for its ultimate devastation.

The monsters didn’t leave behind elder teachers who are considered the most sublime creatures. One such example is Mrs. Tahira Qazi, the principal of Army Public School. She stood as an utmost example of humanity while going into the lap of death. She was a Sixty-Two years old lady, the wife of retired Col. Mr.Ahmed Qazi.

On the morning of 16th December 2014, hell broke loose and fear gripped the locale of ill-fated Army Public School in Peshawar, when the sounds of gunshots and spine-tingling screams filled the air. Militants rushed in and opened undiscerning fire on unarmed, innocent children and teachers. These children who had been assembled at a mutual place of learning, in hopes of becoming something worthwhile in the years to come were seen motionless and everywhere warm fresh blood was spilled.

For any normal person in such disastrous circumstances the only thought would have been to run and save his/her life. It was Mrs. Tahira who despite of having an opportunity to run away and save her life to choose stay there in the premises of the school. An eye witness, said “Mrs. Tahira said I can’t go into safety leaving my children among the beasts.”

She wanted to rescue the rest of the students who were still alive and was deeply concerned for their parents too. She tried to comfort the parents on the phone until it became impossible for her. It was really the matter of great courag a woman, bare-handedly trying to combat those armed men. Women who are naturally timid hearted and fragile creatures usually faint in such situations but Mrs. Tahira Qazi kept her mind and senses in full control. Her only shield and shelter was Allah while she was holding the fort. When she was threatened by one of those devils, she jumped forward in front of them, stood like an unconquerable fort and said, “I am their mother. Talk to me.” These are simple words yet they reflect her noble character that was a combination of motherhood and a compelled principal. She could have escaped from the scene and saved her life, yet her motherly feelings and devoutness to her duty did not let her run away. She embraced shahadat when she was shot in her head brutally in front of her students.

Undeniably she touched the heights of sublimity in receiving such shahadat. It was because of her bravery that several hundred students absconded the brutal attack and are alive today. The Government of Pakistan awarded her Sitara-e-Jurrat for her act of gallantry. We too salute her for her sacrifice that has turned her into an example of nobility for the years to come. She was one of the pioneers of Army Public School and had served the institution for more than Twenty years. She at last, bequeathed her life for her school’s cachet and sacredness. She will always be remembered as the redeemer of our nation.

Without a doubt, Mrs. Tahira Qazi is an excellent example of how sturdy, daring and selfless Pakistani women can be. In the face of terror, one woman stood up and dared to defy extremists fastened with weapons. Mrs. Tahira Qazi had nothing with her no lethal instruments to intimidate the beats she stood toe to toe with on that day. Ultimately, getting shot was what she must have had in her mind but the woman did rescue valuable lives and succeeded in her mission. Mrs. Tahira Qazi was just like the captain who went down with her ship after carrying away the rest of the crew to safety. Mrs. Tahira is the symbol of defiance and it would be right to call her the mother of Pakistan as it is because of woman like her we are sure that our future is in the best hands and no matter what the safety of our country comes first.

Unquestionably, it is because of such fearless men and women that terrorists have never been successful in their ultimate motives. We pray that Pakistan gets rid of this tumor of terrorism so that we can live peacefully and have a better future. 

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Hamza Ali Abbasi
Hamza Ali Abbasi
I wish we name New Islamabad Airport after Abdul Sattar EDHI sahab..... I wish!

Sami Gul🇵🇰
Sami Gul🇵🇰
New islamabad Airport should be named to " Abdul sattar Edhi " for giving him Honour. #EdhiAirport Rt if you agree

WE SALUTE Tahira Qazi
A Symbol of Defiance