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Shabina Mustafa

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Shabina Mustafa
  • Founder of The Garage School

Education plays a great role in shaping our future and professional career. It helps us to develop personality and earn recognition and respect in the family and society. We can say that education is socially and personally an important part of the human life. We cannot ignore the importance of education in our life at any cost. As we see daily in the society lots of social issues just because of the lack of proper education. Social issues like inequality, gender discrimination, religious differences and so many problems are there because of the lack of education in our life. Education helps us to maintain the personal and social standards in daily life.

Even in our religion Islam Education is given immense importance. The Holy Prophet of Allah (S.A.W.) has said: Attainment of education is a must for every Muslim. Education is the knowledge of putting one's potentials to maximum use. Without education, no one can find the proper right path in this world.

This importance of education is basically for two reasons. Education makes man a right thinker. Without education, no one can think properly in an appropriate context you. It tells man how to think and how to make decision. The second reason for the importance of education is that only through the attainment of education, man is enabled to receive information from the external world. It is well said that "Without education, man is as though in a closed room and with education he finds himself in a room with all its windows open towards outside world."

Unfortunately, till now the necessary education in still not free in any part of our country. Many people who are living below the poverty line or are even hand to mouth cannot afford good education. Most of them are deprived of going to school because of lack of resources. The good news is that apart from having less resources there are many individuals and organization who are working to help the underprivileged children to get some education.  Shabina Mustafa is one such individual who is helping children to get education.

Shabina, who was working in Saudi Airlines 17 years ago lived in Karachi in DHA. Her life was like any other Pakistani, but then fate had decided something different for her. Shabina was married in an early age and was widowed after a few years of her marriage in an early age. Shabina did not lose hope and initiated ‘The Garage School’. While talking to Express News Shabina stated: “My husband and I used to wonder how the country’s economic and social conditions would change if the majority of Pakistan’s children were deprived of quality education,but it was only after his death that I got around to dedicating myself to teaching children who would otherwise not get an opportunity to go to school.”

The foundation of The Garage School was placed in 1999 when Shabina’s maid persuaded her to teach her daughter, cleaning out the garage for the purpose, as it was the only place in her house which could be dedicated to giving lessons to that little girl. But Somia wasn’t Shabina’s only student, as the news spread in the neighbourhood that shabina would be giving lessons for free on the first day of  school 14 other bright faces enthusiastically turned towards Shabina.

Likewise, children who could not get admission in a regular school and students from the nearby slums of Neelum Colony and Shah Rasool Colony gathered in multitudes to Shabina’s home who were keen to learn. In fact, the number of fervent beginners who would turn up outside Shabina’s house merely kept increasing day by day.

However multiplication tables and match-the-word exercises are very much a part of daily school lessons. It is more than just book knowledge that TGS aims to divulge. It has a more universal view to education: making these children competitive, liable, healthy, well behaved and efficacious. The Four T’s are the basic teaching at Shabina’s school. These Four T’s are the basic system of her school: Taleem (education), Tarbiat (upbringing), Taur (manners), Tariqay (behaviour) and she these 4t’s together lead to the fifth T, that is Taraqqi (success). She stated in an interview to Geo News that “This is our motto. I always tell my students that I can only help them in obtaining the first four tools, but achieving success depends upon their hard work and determination.”

At the same time, Shabina also feels she has the responsibility of grooming and coaching these children so that they can be lodged in mainstream institutions. In 2002, she approached Nasra School and prepared the students for its entrance exam. She says that “I want them to progress to a respectable career. It makes me feel really proud that 22 of my students were accepted at Nasra School and 16 by St Patrick’s Technical College.”

Similarly, she loves talking about all the achievement that her students have attained since the school first started. She emotionally states that “There was Anil who passed out of Nasra, then went to Bahria College and is now a manager at a multinational company. Another boy stood first in the Aga Khan Board exam while his brother is a straight ‘A’ student who wants to be a doctor. And from our first batch of English conversation and grooming classes, eight girls are working as beauticians at leading salons.” Shabina is also providing Vocational training, afternoon classes, Adult Literacy where she teaches Basic English and Urdu classes. She is giving Health, Medical and Nutrition classes with Social Services and Teacher training.

Accordingly, it’s a moral duty of every citizen who is educated enough to play their part so that our country can progress and prosper. As far Shabina Mustafa is concerned, by playing her role excellently she knows that she is doing her bit.  We hope that this soil can produce many Shabinas which will lead this country to a better future.

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Hamza Ali Abbasi
Hamza Ali Abbasi
I wish we name New Islamabad Airport after Abdul Sattar EDHI sahab..... I wish!

Sami Gul🇵🇰
Sami Gul🇵🇰
New islamabad Airport should be named to " Abdul sattar Edhi " for giving him Honour. #EdhiAirport Rt if you agree

Faizan Lakhani
Faizan Lakhani
Meanwhile, the ICC says that the BCCI requested permission for this as part of a charity fundraising effort and mad… https://t.co/HARRC7UVkt

WE SALUTE Shabina Mustafa
Founder of The Garage School