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BASANT to be celebrated in Lahore in mid February

user Numair Fakhar | 11 months ago
Basant, Lahore,

Information and Culture Minister Punjab Fayyaz ul Hassan Chauhan has confirmed that Basant will be celebrated this Spring in Lahore. "Basant will be celebrated in the second week of February", he said. 

Basant was banned in 2005 during Musharraf era due to several incidents. Despite being an ardent fan of Basant himself, ban was imposed by him after multiple deaths occured as result of Basant. During 2007, when the then Mayor Lahore, Mian Amer Mehmood,  lifted the ban for two days, the result was similar causing the ban to be imposed yet again. Basant was celebrated after one year in 2008, when Governor Punjab Salman Taseer tried to stop Nawaz Sharif led Long March for restoration of judiciary, during Governor Rule by announcing the Basant on the same date. Since then, for the last decade there has been no Basant at all. 


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