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Imran Khan 'disappointed' by raise in pays of Punjab MPAs

user PakiXah | 2 months ago
Imran Khan meeting Usman Buzdar

Imran Khan shows extreme disappointment regarding the decision of Punjab Assembly to increase pays and privilidges of its lawmakers. PTI is ruling Punjab after the controversial win in Elections 2018. Previously, Prime Minister Imran Khan has shown his full support to his Punjab CM Usman Buzdar naming him 'Wasim Akram Plus', despite all the criticism. Imran Khan took to Twitter to show his disappointment.

Following the pay raise, CM Punjab Usman Buzdar now withdraws Rs. 3,75,000 which is even more salary than the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary also condemned the decision. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan has been heavily criticized for appointing Usman Buzdar as CM Punjab althougth he had joined PTI just 15 days prior to the elections and also had murder cases against him.


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