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Zulfi Bukhari was blacklisted by NAB, wasn't on ECL; Interior Ministery tells PM

user PakiXah | 1 year ago
Zulfi Bukhari was blacklisted by NAB, wasn't on ECL; Interior Ministery tells PM

In a letter by Interior Ministery to the Caretaker Prime Minister M Nasirul Mulk, it has been cleared that Zulfi Bukhari wasn't on Exit Control List (ECL) but was blacklisted by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) as his name was included in Panama Leaks. 

Zulfi Bukhari, close friends with PTI Chief, was accompanying Imran Khan during chartered flight to Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah, but was not given clearance to leave country, as his name was apparently on ECL. However, Mr Khan waited for nearly three hours and used his influence to get Zulfi Bukhari One Time Permission to get out of Pakistan, so that he could fly with him. Zulfi Bukhari was issued notice three times to appear before NAB but Zulfi Bukhari refused to appear. His claim of being a British citizen rather than a Pakistani was not found to be good enough by NAB as his father was a public servant.

According to reports, Imran Khan telephoned Caretaker Interior Minister Azam Khan to arrange for his friend's convenient departure to which Azam Khan promptly acted whithout intimating NAB. Furthermore, Azam Khan also happens to be on Imran Khan Foundation Board.

On the other hand, NAB is surprised at how this event unfolded and is taking the matter seriously. In the letter submitted to Prime Minister, it is also stated that the Interior Ministery cannot take any name off the black list as happened in this particular case. Rather, the concerned institution requests the ministery to remove name from the blacklist. Also, according to law, any blacklisted individual wanting removal from the list have to request the concerned departments upon which the matter is investigated and the Interior Ministery is requested only in case removal of any name off the list is sought. However, in Zulfi Bukhari's case, only one call from Imran Khan was enough.   

This act by PTI Chief was not welcomed and met a hostile reaction by known journalists.



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